CSC Scholarship NENU Independent Enrollment Program(Type-B) 2022-2023

northeast normal university csc scholarship official advertisement

Northeast Normal University Chinese Government Scholarship 2022-2023 Official Advertisement

The Independent Enrollment Program of 2022 at Northeast Normal University (NENU) is starting now. Please read the following regulations and instructions carefully.

I. Categories & Majors Available for Enrollment

Full-time Postgraduates Programs (Master & Ph.D.)

Master’s and Doctoral degree programs taught in English


II. Qualifications

● All applicants should be Non-Chinese citizens and be in good health.

● An applicant applying for a master’s degree should be under 35 years old and have already obtained a bachelor’s degree.

● An applicant applying for a doctoral degree should be under 40 years old and have already obtained a master’s degree.

III. Scholarship Coverage

● Students will be exempt from paying tuition and campus accommodation fees;

● Granted a monthly living allowance (PhD. 3,500 RMB/month, Master 3,000 RMB/month)

● Comprehensive Medical Insurance Care

IV. Application Procedure

1.Apply at NENU International Student Service System

● Log onto NENU International Student Service System (, fill in the required information, and submit the application. Click to view the Application Guide.

● Download the Application Form for International Students to NENU and sign it.

2. Apply at the CSC website

● Visit the CSC homepage ( and open an account.

● Read the instructions carefully. The program category should be Type B, and the agency number of Northeast Normal University is 10200. The Agency Number represents a specific application receiving agency and a correct choice of Program Category is necessary before filling in the Agency Number. Please make sure you fill it correctly, otherwise, you will not be able to continue your online application or may result in your application not being accepted.


● Save and upload the required documents. Click SUBMIT to generate the application form, which should be then downloaded and signed.

3. Send soft copies to NENU.

After submitting the online application and downloading the application forms. Send the following documents to before March 30.


1. Application documents sent by fax will not be accepted.

2. Please inform us whether or not you have applied to other universities or other scholarship programs, also note whether Northeast Normal University is the first choice or not.

3. According to situations, NENU will contact the applicants to ask for supplementary documents and inform them of the final results by E-mail(, so please make sure your email and address are correct.

4. NENU will notify final result by E-mail( before the end of July, applicants also can log on to NENU International Student Service System to check final results.

5. NENU will cooperate with schools to review students’ applications. There is no need for applicants of Independent programs to get a Preliminary Admission Notice. A Preliminary Admission Notice is only for departments other than universities, such as dispatching authorities in the applicant’s home country, Chinese embassies, and consulates.

6. Scholarship will not be reserved if scholarship winners cannot register before the registration deadline. Scholarship winners shall not invite family members without permission from the host university.

7. All documents submitted must be true, accurate, and complete. MENU reserves the right to withdraw offers of admission or expel enrolled students otherwise.

VI.Contact Information

Address: Room 624, International Students Office, Division of International Cooperation and Exchanges, Northeast Normal University, No. 5268, Renmin Street, Changchun City, Jilin Province, China, 130024

Tel: 86-431-85685722


Attachment: 1. Foreigner Physical Examination Form

2. Conditional Acceptance Letter

Division of International Cooperation & Exchange

Northeast Normal University

January 9, 2022

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