Anso Scholarship USTC 2022

Anso scholarship ustc 2022

Anso Scholarship USTC 2022

1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport and mentally and physically healthy.

2. Applicants for master’s programs must have bachelor’s degree (equivalent to bachelor’s degree in China). Applicants for doctoral programs must have master’s degree (equivalent to master’s degree in China).

* Those who plan to obtain their degrees should submit a Pre-graduation Certificate to ensure that they will complete their study and obtain the degree by July of 2022.

3. Applicants for master’s programs should be under the age of 40 (by September 1st, 2022) and applicants for doctoral programs should be under the age of 45 (by September, 1st, 2022).

* Some scholarship programs have specific age limits. For the relevant information, please refer to the information of different scholarships.

4.  Applicants for programs instructed in Chinese should have passed new HSK Level 4 or above; applicants whose native language is Chinese, or can provide proof of studying at a high school / university where the teaching language is Chinese, can apply for HSK test exemption. Applicants for programs instructed in English need to provide proof of English language proficiency.

5.  Applicants should meet the admission criteria for international students of USTC.

Application Procedures

1. Online Application November 1st, 2021–March 15th, 2022
* There is no need for finding a host supervisor while applying online. All of your materials and documents (only if your online application is complete) will be sent to the schools and departments for their reference. Online interviews are organized afterwards. Once you pass the interview, a prospective supervisor will be recommended.

* Please finish your online application as early as possible, for USTC to evaluate your application and remind you to correct or complete it when necessary.

2. Online Interview April or May
  * The online interview will be held by schools or departments accepting international students.

* The schools and departments will help those who pass the online interview to find a host supervisor.

3. Admission June or July

1.  Online Application

1.1 Create your account in the online application system.

1.2 Fill in all the information and upload the documents as required.

Application materials required for Anso Scholarship USTC 2022:

● Photocopy of passport (ordinary passport with validity of at least one year)

● A study or research proposal (no less than 800 words)

● Curriculum Vitae

● Two letters of recommendation from full professors or associate professors (with phone number and email address)

● Foreigner Physical Examination Form (download in the Annex)

● Applicants for programs instructed in Chinese must provide the photocopy of HSK certificate (at least level 4) or other proof of their Chinese language proficiency; applicants for programs instructed in English must provide the photocopy of valid IELTS or TOEFL result or other proof of their English proficiency (except those whose mother tongue is English).

● Photocopy of degree certificate and academic transcripts for both Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree (if have) notarized by Ministry of Education or equivalent authority in your country

* If applicants are university students, they must provide official documents showing their student status and the exact time when they will obtain their degree certificate;

* If applicants already graduated but have not yet obtained the degree certificate, they must provide official documents explaining the reasons and stating clearly when they will obtain the degree certificate;

* If applicants are already employed, they must provide official documents showing their status as on-post employees and permission of release.

※ Notarized translation in Chinese or English must be attached if the submitted documents are not in Chinese or English.

※ Application materials will NOT be returned regardless of the application result.

2.  Online Interview for Anso Scholarship USTC 2022

The complete application materials will be reviewed by the International College and an expert group from the relevant departments /schools. Then the candidates for the online interview will be selected based on the review results. The specific content, format, requirements and time arrangements of online interviews are to be decided by each department / school and will be notified to applicants.


The admission decision is based on a comprehensive evaluation of applicants’ academic performance, interview performance, qualifications, certificates and other related materials.

Admission Notice and Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW201/JW202) will be sent out to the admitted applicants. The admitted applicants should take their ordinary passport, Admission Notice, Visa Application Form (JW201/JW202), and original Foreigner Physical Examination Form as well as other original documents of physical examination to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in their home countries, and apply for student visa (X1 visa).

The admitted applicants shall come to USTC for registration during the dates indicated on the Admission Notice with the aforementioned documents. The admitted applicants must enter China with ordinary passport and X1 visa.

Fees & Scholarships

1. Tuition fee: doctoral programs: 35,000 RMB per academic year

master’s programs: 30,000 RMB per academic year

2.  Insurance fee: 800 RMB per academic year

3.  Accommodation fee for on-campus dormitories varying from 500–1,000 RMB per month depending on room type and size

4. Scholarships: Excellent applicants may apply for USTC Fellowship, which covers tuition fee, insurance fee, monthly stipend (up to 7,000 RMB for PhD students and up to 3,000 RMB for master students) and accommodation subsidy. Applicants can apply through the Online Application System. Please refer to the following link for details: USTC Fellowship Program in USTC 2022:

The ANSO Scholarship for Young Talents 

 2022 Call for Applications 

Part I: Introduction 
The Alliance of International Science Organizations (ANSO) is a non-profit, non-governmental international organization founded in 2018. Founding members include 37 scientific institutions, universities, and international organizations worldwide. ANSO aims to improve regional and global capacity in science and technology, human livelihoods and wellbeing, and to promote broader S&T cooperation and communication.
The ANSO Scholarship for Young Talents (hereinafter referred to as the ANSO Scholarship) was formally launched in 2019 with the goal of training and cultivation of young scientists from all over the world. The ANSO Scholarship supports 200 Master’s students and 300 PhD students every year to pursue postgraduate education at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) or institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) around China.
Currently, CAS, the leading founding member of ANSO, is the sponsor of the ANSO Scholarship. ANSO welcomes all members and parties who are interested in creating a more diversified scholarship program together.
Part II: Coverage 
•   Tuition waiver
•   Monthly stipend:
        Master’s: 3000 CNY/month, up to 36 months;
        PhD: 6000 or 7000 CNY/month (depending on whether he/she has passed the qualification test arranged by USTC/UCAS), up to 48 months 
•   Health insurance
•   Application fee waiver
•   Travel subsidy from their home countries to China (one trip per person)
Any scholarship awardee on site in China, the host country, at the time of application will NOT be eligible for any travel subsidy.
Awardees are required to finish centralized training in Chinese language, Chinese culture and all required credits as well as practical research and completion of degree thesis at colleges and schools of USTC/UCAS or CAS institutes. 
Any master’s awardee who fails annual assessments will face the consequences including: 
•   Termination of his/her scholarship;
•   Discontinuity of his/her master’s study;
•   Being provided with a certificate of attendance for the period of study undertaken in China but not a formal master’s degree.
Any PhD awardee who fails the qualification test or annual assessment will face the consequences including: 
•   Termination of his/her scholarship;
•   Discontinuity of his/her doctoral study;
•   Being provided with a certificate of attendance for the period of study undertaken in China but not a formal doctoral degree.
All the awardees are required to abide by Chinese laws and USTC/UCAS regulations and rules.
Part III: Eligibility
Eligible applicants must:
•   Not hold Chinese citizenship;
•   Be proficient in English or Chinese;
•   For master’s program applicants: be born after 1st January 1992 (inclusive);
    For PhD program applicants: be born after 1st January 1987 (inclusive);
•   Meet the admission criteria for international students of USTC/UCAS;
•   Not take up other assignments during the period of his/her scholarship.
•   If you are currently pursuing a master’s degree at any university/institution in China, you are NOT eligible for the master’s program of this scholarship. If you are currently pursuing a doctoral degree at any university/institution in China, you are NOT eligible for the PhD program of this scholarship. Otherwise, you will be disqualified from admission and the situation will be reported to your current university/institution.
•   You are NOT allowed to apply for the ANSO Scholarship in both USTC and UCAS simultaneously, otherwise you will be disqualified from admission.
Part IV: Application Procedure
The ANSO Scholarship is open for application on 1st November 2021 (The exact dates might be slightly different for USTC and UCAS, please check their websites for details). From this year on, it is not mandatory for both USTC and UCAS applicants to find host supervisors before application.
1. Application Materials
For USTC applicants, please refer to Application Guideline for Graduate Applicants to USTC (here)
For UCAS applicants, please refer to the Call for 2022 Doctoral Programs for International Students and the Call for 2022 Master’s Programs for International Students (here)
2. Application Portal
File and submit your application in the USTC/UCAS admission system as requested before deadline. Choose “the ANSO Scholarship for Young Talents” in your application. 
To USTC admission system portal: here
To UCAS admission system portal: here
Deadline for Applicants and Referees: 
31st March 2022 (Beijing Time)
Part V: Other Information 
1) Applicants for USTC, please contact:
Ms. Lin Tian (Linda Tian)
ANSO Scholarship for Young Talents USTC Office
University of Science and Technology of China
96 Jinzhai Road, Hefei, Anhui, 230026 China
Tel: +86 551 63600279
Fax: +86 551 63603531
2) Applicants for UCAS, please contact:
Ms. Yuchen Xie (PhD Program)
ANSO Scholarship for Young Talents UCAS Office 
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences 
80 Zhongguancun East Road, Beijing, 100190, China
Tel: +86 10 82674900
Fax: +86 10 82672900
Ms. Menglin Hu (Master’s Program)
ANSO Scholarship for Young Talents UCAS Office 
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences 
80 Zhongguancun East Road, Beijing, 100190, China
Tel: +86 10 82672900
Fax: +86 10 82672900
Relevant Parties
ANSO is a non-profit and non-governmental international scientific organization founded in 2018 by 37 international science and education institutions from around the world. ANSO is committed to promoting shared sustainable development and the advancement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through catalyzing and implementing concrete international cooperative initiatives in Science, Technology, Innovation and Capacity Building (STIC). It is envisaged that ANSO will focus on the most urgent regional and global challenges through STIC. This focus includes supporting scientific capacity building and the needs, particularly of the Global South, through partnerships and cooperation with the member countries and institutions. ANSO will also promote collaborations across the scientific and technological communities of the world to ensure that the benefits of the BRI are widely shared. There will be open access to scientific facilities and information among participants in ANSO. The grooming and empowerment of young scientists will be a particular focus of ANSO. The ANSO Scholarship is one of the main approaches to achieve this goal. 
Read more about ANSO:
CAS is a national academic institution in China consisting of a comprehensive research and development network, a merit-based learned society and a system of higher education, focusing on natural sciences, technological sciences and high-tech innovation in China. It has 12 branches, 2 universities and more than 100 institutes with around 60,000 staff and 50,000 postgraduate students. It hosts 89 national key labs, 172 CAS key labs, 30 national engineering research centers and about 1,000 field stations throughout China. As a merit-based society, it has five academic divisions. CAS is dedicated to addressing fundamental, strategic and farsighted challenges related to the overall and long-term development of China. CAS is the leading founding member of ANSO. 
Read more about CAS:
USTC is the first university established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1958. It is a comprehensive university including science, engineering, management and humanity science, oriented to frontier science and high technology. USTC took the lead in launching Graduate School, the School of Gifted Young, large national scientific projects, etc. It is now a prominent Chinese university and enjoys high reputation worldwide, and therefore is the member of the China 9 Consortium consisting of the top 9 universities in China ( USTC is one of the most important innovation centers in China, and is regarded as “the Cradle of Scientific Elites”. USTC provides both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. There are 20 faculties, 31 departments, graduate schools, and Suzhou Institute, Shanghai Institute, Beijing Institute, Institute of Advanced Technology, and the First Affiliated Hospital of USTC. According to the world acclaimed university rankings as QS, THE, US News, and ARWU, USTC has always been ranked among the best universities in China (from 5th to 3rd), and around 100th in the world. USTC is responsible for the enrollment and management of the master’s and doctoral candidates of the ANSO Scholarship Program admitted by USTC.
Read more about USTC:
UCAS, formerly named Graduate School of CAS, was the first graduate school in China. In 2014, UCAS started enrolling undergraduate students, and since then an intact higher educational system has been established. Being the largest graduate education institution in China, UCAS has over 50,000 ongoing students, and more than half of them are doctoral students. With strong support from CAS institutes all over China, UCAS espouses the philosophy of “The Fusion of Scientific Research and Teaching” as its basic system of education. The disciplines represented at UCAS include all fields of science and 90% of engineering. According to the Global University Ranking by Essential Science Indicator (ESI) in September 2019, UCAS ranked No. 1 in China and No. 82 worldwide. As a member of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU), UCAS has established close ties with over 100 world-renowned universities. Based on CAS overseas institutions, UCAS is building overseas joint centers for education and research to promote capacity building on B&R. UCAS is responsible for the enrollment and management of the master’s and doctoral candidates of the ANSO Scholarship Program admitted by UCAS. 
Read more about UCAS:

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